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Why does my Nuwave Air Fryer Keep Shutting off? (TRY THESE FIXES!)

Nuwave air fryers are among the top-rated air fryers. A detailed product comparison can be referred to based on vital essential features.

Despite being a very reliable brand, there are specific issues that your Nuwave air fryer may face due to mishandling, equipment fault, storage, rough usage, or inadequate upkeep.

In this article, you will find tried and tested solutions to the recurring issues forcing the Nuwave air fryer to shut down.

Reasons & fixes why your Nuwave air fryer keeps shutting off!

To curtail the shutting-off problem, we’ve categorized the issues based on dominant external factors & the equipment’s inherent issues which may be involved.

Experts from followed chronological order for the readers to try and fix the issue with the highest probability, moving on towards the least probable cause.

1. Inadequate Power supply

The difference in key electrical parameters of Power (Voltage, Current & Frequency) is the topmost recurring issue that has led to the shutting down of Nuwave air fryers.

The non-compatibility or variance in rated and actual values of the highlighted parameters causes air fryers to malfunction.

How to Resolve the non-compatibility problem?

To mitigate the power supply issues, our experts recommend thoroughly reading the instructions provided by the manufacturer in its user manual.

Check the supply Voltage, Current & Frequency available at your home, apartment, or kitchen. Then, go through the user manual for the machine’s power requirements.

Compare if the parameters match or if you’ve discovered a discrepancy. In case of a discrepancy, you need to contact the provider’s Sales and Services center and seek help.

If there is a temporary fluctuation in the power supply parameters, contact a certified electrical technician and get the aforementioned issues fixed at once.

2. Loose terminations

The second highest probable cause affecting the operation of the Nuwave air fryer is the loose terminations. The expression ‘loose terminations’ is a broad term, and multiple factors are involved that need thorough scrutiny.

Either the socket being used is mismatching the plug & the difference in size is triggering the looseness issue.

Or the equipment has been roughly used, which has caused the plug to get reshaped, that isn’t firmly held in the socket, and the equipment turns off during operation due to lack of power supply.

Another reason could be the looseness in the power cable and internal connections of the air fryer due to rough usage.

How to resolve the loose terminations problem?

To resolve the loose termination issue, you need to inspect the plug and internal connections of the air fryer. Get it fixed using a healthy plug, or replace the socket.

Internal connections can be soldered & the loose connections will no longer persist.

3. Compromised Electrical Cable

This issue again arises due to the irregular usage of the air fryer and the power cable that supplies electricity to the device.

Power cables are identical to the veins in our bodies that need to be healthy, so the electricity demands aren’t compromised.

In either case, a pinched electrical cable, damaged, short-circuited wiring, or bare portion can lead to power leakage and hence result in either causing irreversible damage to the Nuwave Air fryer or seriously hurting the electronic circuitry of the product.

How to resolve the electrical cable problem?

Using the air fryer per OEM instructions is highly recommended, and following the guidelines to keep using it for longer.

However, if you feel the cable has been reshaped, insulation removed, or rubbed & (or) sheared, at any instance. Contact a good electrician or services center or immediately get a correct rating cable and replace it as per the procedure.

This will save your machine from a disaster.

4. Incorrect Timer setting

One prominent concern that the new users face with the Nuwave air fryer frequently shutting off during regular operation is the lack of understanding or familiarization with the product’s user interface.

Nuwave air fryers come with intelligent, controlled digital timers that enhance the buyer’s experience. However, there is a guideline that the supplier provides with each model of air fryer.

This guideline mentions how a timer on the Nuwave Air Fryer can be set for a particular meal and the options of how long the air fryer must be operated.

These intelligent devices also malfunction, which needs to be resolved by contacting the supplier’s sales & services center.

5. Incorrect Temperature setting

This again arises due to a lack of knowledge of the air fryer or switching from an analog air fryer to an intelligent air fryer.

Temperature settings in the device can impact the operation of the Nuwave air fryer if kept too low & the user might feel the Nuwave air fryer is not operating or shutting down for unknown reasons.

This can be avoided by following the manufacturer’s guidelines and the temperature ranges required by the air fryer to cook a particular dish.

6. Air fryer’s Inherent issues

There are a set of inherent issues that the air fryer may be subjected to that are causing the air fryer to turn off during regular operation.

One of those issues can be faulty or damaged components of the air fryer. You must thoroughly check if the components of the air fryer are healthy.

You need to inspect the basket firmly held in case there is a looseness due to rough usage or improper assembly; the air fryer may turn off after a certain period.

The internal circuitry of the air fryer again, if affected due to abnormal conditions or aging, may lead to the intermittent shutting of the Nuwave air fryer.

Summary of discussion:

Nuwave produces state-of-the-art air fryers. However, it is up to the end user to how well they use the device and follow the user-provided instructions.

It has been noticed that the air fryer’s rough usage causes more problems than the equipment’s inherent issues that were once faced throughout the air fryer operation.

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