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Which is Best Air Fryer, Nuwave or Ninja? (WHICH ONE TO BUY?)

Air fryers assist you with their low-calorie, crispy & fresh food processing characteristics that add to the taste of your meals.

Health-cautious individuals or those on a diet plan will prefer to have an air fryer at home, which could cut the number of calories intake on average.

Nuwave and Ninja produce top-of-the-class air fryers.

What features should you look out for when choosing an air fryer?

Air fryers generally have several features that vary from brand to brand depending on customer requirements & market research by that brand.

However, 07 key features or characteristics should be considered when choosing an air fryer for procurement.

Disclaimer: There are specific Pros and Cons of each product that may vary from model to model. has done this comparison below in its lab & on feedback from several other users.

Nuwave VS NINJA AIR FRYERS (Comparision based on 07-Key Features)

I will now spell out major contributing factors that will help distinguish between the Nuwave and Ninja Air fryers based on my experience with the products.

1. Performance of air fryers

The performance of air fryers may vary when it comes to the actual grounds! Most air fryers perform well in cooking a set of dishes but cannot produce good results in the remaining dishes.

Nuwave air fryers perform best when you need crispiness and crunchy appearance and are recommended for processing Fries, spring rolls, Fritters, chicken drumsticks, and similar foods.

Ninja air fryers are recommended for processing veggies, meatballs, sausages, and pizza dishes. They are good at processing crispy products as well.

2. Useful life – Durability of air fryers

Regarding durability, Ninja air fryers have been rated the best in class due to their service life & uninterrupted operation.

Ninja’s Non-stick ceramic coating is the key feature that adds to the product’s reliability and operation.

Nuwave air fryers are found not to hold the ceramic coating and don’t last long compared to Ninja air fryers. The performance plunges gradually in Nuwave air fryers.

3. Functional features of air fryers

Nuwave & Ninja air fryers have a wide range of temperature operations and features in their models. Ninja has 18C more margin in its models compared to Nuwave air fryers.

Ninja air fryers, however, have the Dual Zone air fryers and the ease of cooking multiple dishes at variable temperatures & this gives them an edge over the Nuwave machines.

Nuwave air fryers’ preheat time is comparatively lower than the Ninja air fryers improving the user experience w.r.t the meal processing timeline.

4. Ease of Maintenance/parts availability of air fryers

Nuwave air fryers come with mesh-type baskets and are slightly more difficult to clean when you are done cooking. Its time consuming and cumbersome.

Compared to Ninja, air fryers come with grill-type support and are easy to remove, disassemble and clean within minutes.

Ninja and Nuwave both have outlets, and parts availability is ensured. However, Ninja has more hold in the US/UK market than Nuwave.

5. Safety Features of air fryers

Ninja air fryers’ electrical shock resistance and electronic circuitry are incomparable to any air fryers across the board. The use of unique ceramics (engineer material) in the air fryers by Ninja gives it an upper hand.

Users of the Ninja air fryers are more satisfied, and no recordable incidents of electrocution or fires have been noticed.

When you open the fryer to check on the cooking progress, the Ninja stops automatically and starts once the basket is put back.

Nuwave air fryers have certain models that are capable to get connected with your smartphones and you instantly receive updates of your meals.

6. User-friendly features of air fryers

Ninja air fryers are primarily designed with a digital display and buttons rather than a manual temperature dial and a timer dial.

The provision of dual zone temperature capability by Ninja in specific models enables parallel cooking of meals.

The insert has wider slots in Ninja air fryers, and smaller fries can fall through the holes or get stuck in them. H

However Nuwave air fryer model has an advantage due to the Mesh availability in the basket that does not allow small pieces to entangle.

7. Product availability & After Sale Services

Ninja and Nuwave are both available across the globe. However, when it comes to Ninja has a broad range of air fryers, and its availability in the US is never an issue. It can be ordered via amazon or at the electrical appliances shop, and the entire range of air fryers is on display.

Nuwave, however, has a range of models on amazon, but the range of air fryers is a bit lower compared to Ninja.

Ninja and Nuwave both have good after-sale services, and their customer feedback has proven the availability of parts in their designated stores.

Statistical Comparision (Nuwave vs Ninja Air fryer)

Based on testing & user feedback, we now provide a statistical comparison of both the Brands, i.e., Nuwave & Ninja air fryers.

2Useful life8.59.5
3Functional features088.5
4Ease of maintenance0809
5Safety features0910
6User-friendly features0909
7after-sale services8.509

Table – A: Statistical comparison (Nuwave vs. Ninja air Fryers)

Disclaimer: The end user’s experience may vary from product to product & the comparison shall only be considered a viewpoint and not a final judgment/verdict against a brand or product.

Summary of Discussion

Air fryers are a common household commodity, and the basis of the product selection needs to be understood. Every product we use daily is intended to perform specific tasks.

We can judge the product based on how well it executes the defined tasks with certain key features.

Ninja & Nuwave are two renowned brands in the field of air fryers. Based on statistical data against key features, Ninja air fryers are Technologically more advanced than Nuwave air fryers.

Ninja holds a rating of 9.1 against Nuwave, which holds 8.6 ratings based on 07 key features.

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Which Air Fryer suits you More? Stay connected, and let us know below in the comments.

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