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Low Wattage Air Fryers (Top Brands..!)

When you step out to the market in search of air fryers, you have a list of these delicate machines available to choose from, with various make, capacities, and features.

Low-wattage air fryers are preferred by those who are conscious of the monthly electricity bill or power consumption.

Having been blessed with a low-wattage air fryer means, you are to worry less about the number of unit consumption, and it’s lighter on the pocket too.

An end user may have personal preferences over the choice of air fryer however, it is advised to know the basis of selection.

One interesting factor that helps you decide is the Energy Factor or the wattage of the air fryer.

There are a number of air fryer manufacturers in the world, providing superb manufacturing services with offering hundreds of air fryer models to the end users for their selection and usage.

It is important to highlight that Power vary substantially from one model to another besides the fact that the air fryer capacity is the same.

It is based on the fact that air fryer design and research in materials of construction, and improved design play a vital role.

For an end user, it is sometimes extremely challenging to choose the right & the most suitable air fryer that can fulfill your air frying needs.

Is Wattage the right criteria to select an Air Fryer?

The answer to this question is ‘Yes’, Wattage is one great criterion to select an air fryer. However, there are certain other indicators or guides that shall be considered when looking for an air fryer.

What does wattage represent in an air fryer?

Wattage in an air fryer is nearly a true indication of the no of power units that the air fryer consumes per hour.

A device with lower wattage will consume lesser power compared to a device with a higher power rating.

However, there must be a right balance, since an air fryer with lower wattage may at times mean a lower capacity too.

In other words, if you operate a small air fryer for a longer duration it may consume more power compared to an air fryer with a larger capacity.

The right comparison of the air fryers has been brought in by experts at howmachines through practical demonstration of air fryers.

Important considerations for Testing;

  • Same capacity (volume) air fryers chosen (with various make)
  • Only top-notch air fryers selected
  • Similar dishes were processed through all air fryers
  • Similar external conditions were set
  • Similar temperature and time settings were ensured
  • Power consumption units noted (rated vs actual)

Top Air Fryer Brands in the market

Experts at howmachines shortlisted the following air fryer brands, based on the 07 key performance indicators enabling users to choose from;

  • Ninja Air Fryers
  • Philips
  • Cosori
  • Nutrichef Oven
  • DASH
  • Elite Gourmet
  • Cosmo
  • Rosewill

In order to identify top-notch models, tests were categorized into three groups namely; Small Capacity, Medium Capacity, and Large Capacity Air fryers

From the aforementioned set of air fryer manufacturers, the top 05 Models were shortlisted in the low wattage category.

Experts from have made it easy for the end users to choose from a respective category based on wattage and practical demonstration of the particular air fryer model.

  • Small Capacity Air Fryers – 2Qt to 3.5 Qt Air Fryers
  • Medium Capacity Air Fryers – 4 Qt to 05 Qt Air Fryers
  • Large Capacity Air Fryers – 5.5 Qt and above

Small Capacity Air Fryers – Low Wattage Air Fryers

Several tests on small capacity air fryers from the shortlisted manufacturers resulted in the following Ranking.

1. NutriChef Air Fryer – Model # Oven 2 Quart Air Fryer

Wattage (Power Rating)
Rated (Advertised) : 1000 Watts
Actual (Lab) : 1000 ± 15 Watts

  • This is a counter top family-sized air fryer that features a 2-quart capacity air fryer with a very easy clean slide-out basket
  • You can definitely cook hot yummy air fried meals for a couple.
  • You can handle multiple recipes like crispy fried chicken, fish, steak, french fries, pizza, and much more in one kitchen countertop appliance.

2. DASH – Model # DCAF250GBAQ02 Aircrisp

Wattage (Power Rating) :
Rated (Advertised): 1000 Watts
Actual (Lab) : 1000 ± 10 Watts

  • Dash Aircrisp Pro Compact Air Fryer uses Aircrisp technology
  • 02 Quart Air Fryer suitable for 02 individuals
  • It has an auto-shut-off function that prevents overcooking, and the cool touch housing and handle make it safer

3. CHEFMAN – Model # Small 2 QT

Wattage (Power Rating) :
Rated (Advertised): 1000 Watts
Actual (Lab) : 1030 ± 10 Watts

  • User Friendly and Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Suitable for a couple
  • Temperature ranges from 200 to 400 F

4. DASH – Model # tasti-Crisp

Wattage (Power Rating) :
Rated (Advertised): 1000 Watts
Actual (Lab) : 1070 ± 15 Watts

  • Reliable and durable machine, capable of Quickly loading the 2.6-qt capacity fryer basket set the temp and timer, and within minutes your food comes out crispy every time.
  • Perfect for cooking frozen treats like chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and other snacks, a compact air fryer for couples.

5. Elite Gourmet – Model # EAF-0201BG

Wattage (Power Rating) :
Rated (Advertised): 1000 Watts
Actual (Lab) : 1000 ± 10 Watts

  • 2.1QT air fryer suitable for a couple
  • Attractive color
  • Reliable machine


There are a number of air fryer manufacturers in the market, however, the top-notch brands can provide low wattage operation with the following critical indicators;

  • Performance of the air fryer
  • Durability
  • Service life
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • After Sale services
  • Safety Aspects
  • Functional features


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