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Racks For Air Fryer [WHICH SHALL YOU BUY?]

My journey with the air fryer started in 2016 when I bought this fantastic modern-era invention. I experienced a lot of learnings throughout my journey with the air fryers.

One of the items that I came across was racks for the air fryer. I had been facing issues with some of my meals that remained uncooked in the core while the outer surface was perfectly fine.

Air fryer racks help you place your raw food in such a fashion that the hot air reaches every bit of the meal, and the result is thoroughly processed food that the consumers love.

Benefits of using racks in air fryers

You may want to use racks in the air fryer, keeping in view the following key benefits in place ;

  • Handy and quick placement
  • It prevents food from sticking to the basket
  • Provides even placement
  • Supports meal components
  • Enhances service life of the air fryer
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily available in the market
  • Long service life
  • Easy to remove and clean

Top Racks for your air fryer

Here is a quick list to get access to the best available air fryer racks:

  1. P&P CHEF 7½-Inch – Round Rack (1 Set – 02 Pieces)
  2. MFTEK XL Air Fryer Rack – Round (1 Set – 02 Pieces)
  3. Air Fryer Rack for Double Basket Air Fryers – Square (1 Set – 02 Pieces)
  4. ANQIA – Air Fryer Double Layer Rack (1 Piece)
  5. Air Fryer Rack Air Fryer Accessories(1 Set – 03 Pieces)
  6. SIKKINGK Air Fryer Accessories 7PCS  (1 Set- 07 Pieces)

Before you proceed with the search for air fryer racks, I would like to assist you with a few essential things:

How does an Air Fryer Rack work?

An air fryer rack acts as a hanger or support where the user can place the raw food split with more surface area exposed to heat.

An air fryer acts as a convection oven, where hot air is blown around the food that removes the residual moisture at elevated temperatures.

However, when the food is placed such that no room is left for hot air to get in contact with a specific portion of the meal, that portion remains uncooked.

Therefore, experts advise thoroughly cutting the meal into small chunks (especially meat and associated products) and placing them on racks with gaps to facilitate hot air interaction. This action not only assists in quick air frying but also maintains crispiness and texture in the meals.

Air fryer racks are manufactured in various designs and outlooks that assist in various formats to process meals.

Which Air fryers support Racks?

Some air fryer manufacturers provide racks as an accessory with their air fryers. They are tried and tested air fryer racks with a 100% match to the respective air fryer they are being provided with.

I would always recommend going with air fryers provided with such accessories. However, they can be purchased after-market from other manufacturers of your choice.

All mid to large-sized air fryers support racks, and the user satisfaction level or experience with the utilization of racks is phenomenal compared to using baskets only.

There are specific Pros and Cons of using racks that one needs to understand before making use of the same


  • Easy to install
  • Quick food processing
  • Improves efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Easy to maintain
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to remove


  • Can get corroded (if low-grade material is used)
  • requires adequate spacing to assist in air frying operation

Air fryer racks are accessories that have extensive advantages over the few shortcomings that can be mitigated with the utilization of tried and tested suppliers.

A stainless steel rack will prevent corrosion or pitting on air fryer racks and avoid unhygienic conditions.

Low-grade- steel can catch corrosion that will later spoil the food while air frying is performed.

Always make sure to utilize recommended and tested products only.

06 Best Air fryer racks

Let’s dig into each of the 05 air fryer racks recommended above on which one to buy considering the product usage.

1. P&P CHEF 7½-Inch – Round Rack (1 Set – 02 Pieces)

This is the extensively used type of rack in air fryers. It comes in 02 designs as a set that fulfills all your generic needs

It can be used in almost 70% of air fryers the 7.5-inch Diameters.

  • Simple design Racks
  • Easy placement
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to remove & clean
  • General usage

2. MFTEK XL Air Fryer Rack – Round (1 Set – 02 Pieces)

This type of air fryer rack assists in vegetable or meat shish kabob air frying with the provision of a rack with an upper portion for the skewer.

The skewer on an air fryer rack holds the small chunks of vegetables or meat and doesn’t allow them to fall at high temperatures or gaps in flat rack surfaces.

Editor's Choice
  • Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel
  • Double-layer rack for versatile air fryer recipes
  • High finish grade
  • The Skewers rack size: 7.8*2.75inch, metal rack: 7.8*1

3. Air Fryer Racks – Square (1 Set – 02 Pieces)

This type of air fryer rack is suitable for square basket air fryers. However, the rack must fit into the air fryer as per the recommended dimensions.

It comes in a set of two and has both a plane rack and one with a skewer.

Harvey J
  • Air fryer rack for double air fryer
  • Offset height - you can flip the rack on either side
  • Sturdy 304 stainless steel 
  • Can provide the air fryer with space to bake four servings

4. ANQIA – Air Fryer Double Layer Rack (1 Piece)

This type of rack is square in its physical design, with two portions for placing your raw food.

It is easy to place and remove with handles that you can hold.

Editor's Choice
  • Single piece 
  • Double-layer rack design
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel
  • Suitable for air fryer size above 4.2qt
  • Square design

5. Air Fryer Racks – Multiple Accessories(1 Set – 03 Pieces)

These racks are different in their way. One of the racks is flat and convenient for day-to-day air frying of various meals.

The second type is a toast-type rack that assists in toasting various Barkey items per requirement.

The third type is provided with a skewer and a rack that can be used in the air frying of veggies and meat chunks.

Editor's Choice
  • Three in one set
  • Compatible with most 3.8QT or above
  • Food-grade material is healthy, durable, and easy to clean.
  • Double layer rack and steamer rack can maximize the cooking area

6. SIKKINGK Air Fryer Accessories 7PCS  (1 Set- 07 Pieces)

This is a complete set of air fryer accessories that serves as a complete set required to air fryer with racks.

It has all three types of racks that assist in regular meal processing, special toasting racks & skewer with racks to assist in kabob air frying.

In addition, the set has a tong to place and remove food, plate gripper, oil brush, and silicon baking cups of various shapes (06)

  • 07 in one - Meet all your needs
  • Fits all standard air fryers (5.3 QT- 5.8 QT -8 QT)
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel and silicone for long-term use
  • Multiple air frying options


As a finishing line, all these air fryer racks I have recommended are very different from each other, so there is no winner or loser.

These are great options, and I recommend selecting one according to your requirement and usage that fulfills your air frying needs.

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