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How to Preheat a Nuwave Air Fryer? (FOLLOW SIMPLE STEPS!)

Preheating the Nuwave Air Fryer is one of the critical steps helpful in achieving the desired air frying results.

Preheating is elevating the air fryer to a specific temp range before actual air frying occurs.

Food processing in a Nuwave Air Fryer requires definite steps that assure the meal’s quality, crispiness, and taste.

Nuwave Air fryers are manufactured on the convection phenomenon of heat transfer, designed with a fan source and a heater that enables hot air circulation around the food for processing.

In a Nuwave Air fryer, the temperature rise facilitates the removal of moisture from the raw food and turns it into a tender, crispy, golden final product.

STEP 01: Clean the air fryer thoroughly

STEP 02: Assemble the air fryer components

STEP 03: Set the desired preheating temperature on the digital display

STEP 04: Set the Preheating time & Press <OK>

What is meant by Preheating the Nuwave Air Fryer?

‘Preheating the Nuwave Air Fryer, as the name suggests, is elevating the internal temperature of the air fryer’s food section to a recommended value for a set of reasons.

Experts commonly use this ‘Preheating’ terminology to emphasize the readiness of the air fryer to take up raw/pre-cooked meals.

Why do I preheat a Nuwave Air Fryer?

Nuwave Air Fryers do not require extensive use of unhealthy cooking oils to process food. Instead, it utilizes the air and a few drops of oil or butter.

Preheating the Nuwave Air Fryer is required for specific reasons that we recommend to the users to perceive the importance of this step.

Removal of Moisture from the Nuwave Air Fryer

It is highly recommended to clean the Nuwave Air Fryer every time the device is used, and it has to be placed back on the shelf or in the designated location.

However, multiple users clean the air fryer before preparing the meal. Because the basket has inevitable leftovers, washing the internals is the only solution.

Once the internals is thoroughly cleaned, the device has some water content left inside. To remove the residual moisture, the Nuwave Air Fryer is recommended to go through the Preheating step.

This preheating of the Nuwave Air Fryer varies from model to model based on the temperature and time required for the process.

Experts from recommend preheating small Nuwave Air Fryers at 180°C for 03 minutes. For larger Nuwave Air Fryers, we recommend to pre-heat the air fryers at 200°C for 03-05 minutes (keeping in view the amount of moisture present).

Elevating the temperature of the air fryer

Air fryers are used in cold regions like Canada, the UK, Ireland, Alaska (USA), etc., where the outside temperatures are below 0C.

The air fryer temperature is low and needs to be elevated to keep it close to the working temperatures.

A Nuwave Air Fryer heater has a limited capability of heat transfer based on the design/manufacturer’s requirement. If we split the air fryer heating action into 02 steps, it would significantly reduce the heat load on the air fryer.

An air fryer preheating without the actual heat load (raw food/pre-cooked food) will ideally require only 03~05 minutes. However, the heat duty requirement would double if you combine the load and the air fryer’s internal low temp.

This requires exponentially more time and energy to remove the moisture. Therefore experts & the manufacturer itself recommend preheating the device for better results.

Uniformity in temperature distribution

Temperature distribution inside the air fryer should remain uniform. Placing the raw food in the basket requires special care to maintain equal gaps and facilitate hot air flow.

However, it is practically impossible to achieve uniformity in temperature across raw food because of the difference in size and orientation of the food chunks.

Therefore the air fryer is preheated to a designated temperature for a set timeframe to allow internals to reach a uniformity before the food can be loaded and processed for air frying.

Removal of bacteria & residual micro-organisms

Nuwave Air Fryers have a particular set of food grains left over at different localities inside the air fryer’s basket. To ensure the device is sterilized & cleansed from a significant source of bacteria, it is recommended to preheat the Nuwave Air Fryer.

This may not be required if the air fryer internals are separately cleaned and dried with a clean air source or cloth.

To get quicker air frying results.

At times, the user wants to reheat a meal for consumption. It will take substantially longer if he places the meal without preheating the air fryer. In that timeframe, the chances of food losing its crispy appearance increase.

Instead of doing good to the meal, it softens it while making it difficult for the consumer to intake the processed meal.

Therefore it is highly recommended to preheat the air fryer if you wish to reheat a particular meal for quick consumption.

When the food is frozen

Air fryers are ideal for frozen foods; however, it is strongly recommended to preheat the air fryer for better results.

Frozen food needs to be defrosted & then reheated to elevate the temperature and remove moisture.

To reduce the heat load on the air fryer, Step 01 has to separately elevate the temperature of the internals. While in Step 02: is accompanied by the defrosting and the actual air frying.

This reduces the overall heat load and ensures a quick temp rise, defrosting, and moisture removal for processed food.

Simple Preheating steps for a Nuwave Air Fryer

A Nuwave Air Fryer works on the principle of heat transfer with air as the medium or carrier source of heat energy.

The heated air from the source is forced to circulate the food, raising the overall temperature more uniformly than other conventional deep-frying methods.

STEP 01: Clean the air fryer thoroughly

STEP 02: Assemble the air fryer components

STEP 03: Set the desired preheating temperature on the digital display

STEP 04: Set the Preheating time & Press <OK>


  • Never preheat the air fryer for too long
  • Ensure that the vent is not chocked
  • Ensure the air fryer is kept at a well-ventilated location
  • Make sure the temperature and time duration match the manual-provided guideline for preheating
  • Ensure to make use of the preheating button/knob if provided separately
  • Don’t keep any volatile combustible material inside the air fryer during the preheating state
  • Ensure that no grains were left behind before proceeding with the preheating step

Research shows that the food cooked in an air fryer is more nutritious and healthy, keeping in view specific facts that will add to your knowledge;

  • Calorie intake in air-fried food is 30-40% lower than the conventional deep-fried food
  • An air-fried food is uniformly heated and doesn’t eliminate essential nutrients from the food source during food preparation.
  • Air-fried cooking is digitally more advanced & a modern technique. The user has substantially more control over the food processing temperatures & the period it is subjected to inside the air fryer.
  • Air fryers do not require oil; therefore, additional fat intake should be reduced.

Why air frying?

Air frying is highly preferred over the nasty deep frying methods, with a positive response from the users. Surveys show that 75% of health-cautious individuals choose to process their food with air fryers.

Air frying is unique because it only needs a single teaspoon of oil to cook food for a family of 04 individuals.

Air Frying Steps: Summarized

A Nuwave Air Fryer is extremely easy to operate and requires simple steps for food processing.







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