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Can I Leave my Air Fryer Plugged in? (YES BUT..!)

Sometimes it is annoying to plug in and plug out devices frequently used in the home. To recognize if an air fryer can be left plugged in is very important.

Leaving an air fryer plugged into the electrical source is ‘OKAY’. However, there are benefits and hazards associated with this gesture.

 Like the rest of the electrical appliances, air fryers also require electrical energy to operate and process food for the end user’s consumption.

Is it Important to Plug out the Air fryer?

The answer to this question is ‘NO,’ but there are certain ifs and buts to ensure before you decide to leave the air fryer plugged in.

Since you are dealing with a power source, understanding the action is essential since repercussions can be undesired.

The end user ensures safety precautions are aligned with the Plugged-in scheme


The following considerations are extremely important to be taken care of when leaving the  air fryer plugged in;

Presence of a Turn-on Button for the Socket

The turn-on button for the socket ensures that the power is cut down to the air fryer’s internal system. The button here works as the circuit breaker.

You can keep the air fryer plugged in this way without worrying about undesired consequences.

The presence of a Light on the Air fryer / Socket indicates Turn-on

If no adequate indications are available, you will likely mistakenly leave the air fryer turned on. Despite having a turn-on button linked to the socket.

It is more practical to have an led indication on the socket or the air fryer to ensure the air fryer turn-on operation.

This can also be verified from the air fryer display

Air Fryer shall be inaccessible to children below 5 Years

Children below 05 years of age can invite undue hazards as far as the electrical circuits are concerned. Since they lack the sensitivity required to deal with the subject matter.

They can turn on the air fryer and do stuff that doesn’t only put the equipment’s reliability but their own life in danger.

Therefore if your device is not easily accessible to small children, you can let it remain plugged in, provided the above protections are in place.

 Airfryer is Healthy with no power plug issues.

 The air fryer may have an exposed power chord or be under any other known abnormal condition. In that case, it is advised to get the issues rectified well in time before taking the risk of letting it remain plugged in.

Electrical shock or fire is the most significant hazard if a faulty air fryer is left unattended over time.

Presence of High-temperature Tripping Scheme

If the air fryer has inbuilt high-temperature tripping security available, it adds to the safety feature of the device.

An air fryer’s ability will trigger a trip in a worst-case scenario if the temperature somehow shoots beyond the safe limits.

This particular safety feature can be ensured by referring to the device’s user manual. We always recommend following the instructions in the manual.

Availability of overload fuse on the device

 Air fryers are manufactured with overload protection fuse mainly on the electrical circuitry of the air fryer.

The circuit may experience undue load for any reason, and the device is fitted with the capability to cope with overload tripping.

This adds to the Air fryers’ safety by letting them plugged in

Availability of ELCB in the circuit

The provision of ELCB on the circuit associated with the device protects the device and human interface with an active guarding system.

The device now has a unique safety feature that is useful in the routine operation of the device and when the equipment is kept plugged in.


 Air fryers can be left plugged in, considering their frequent usage for air frying purposes. Some conditions add to the equipment’s safety in the plugged-in condition.

Primary safety measures include;

  • Provision of Tripping securities on high temp
  • Provision of tripping securities on high load
  • Provision of ELCB
  • Incorporation of Turn indication
  • Healthy equipment
  • Limited access to the equipment location

This minimizes the hassle of plugging in and out the power socket and helps improve the equipment’s handling and exposure to the electrical socket.


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