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Ninja is well known for the manufacturing of iconic, reliable, and state-of-the-art air fryers that are picked up by the end users, from a bunch of top-notch air fryer manufacturers.

Rationale behind preferring Ninja over other brands is primarily due to their long service life, performance, and true value for money!

Ninja AF100 and Ninja AF101 are both manufactured by Ninja with certain key features that add to the air fryer’s portfolio in terms of enhancing the end-user experience of the product!

It is of prime importance to get an expert review, with detailed insight into the machines in light of applicable tests & measuring criteria.

Ninja AF100 vs Ninja AF101 – a detailed comparison

For an end user, there are certain key parameters based on which the individual decides to opt for one Air fryer or the Other.

1. Cost Comparison- Every $ matter!

While inflation is on the rise, it is extremely important to spend your hard-earned money wisely and more efficiently.

  • Ninja AF100: Costs around 89 USD (Based on market availability)
  • Ninja AF101: Costs around 99.95 USD (Based on market availability)

2. Size Aspects – Ninja AF100 vs AF101

Ninja AF100 and AF101 both lie in the same category of ‘small air fryers’. Here is a brief comparison of the products based on size aspects.

  • Ninja AF100 and AF101 are sufficient enough for a family of 04, on daily use basis.
  • Volume – Ninja AF100 and AF101 both have a 04 Quartz capacity (which is equal to 3.7 L)
  • Dimensions – Ninja AF100: 8.5″D x 12.1″W x 11″H, Ninja AF101: 8.5″D x 12.1″W x 11″H (No appreciable difference in dimensions)
  • Weight – Ninja AF100: 9.7 Pounds, Ninja AF101: 10.5 pounds

3. Features – Ninja AF100 vs AF101

The functional features of Ninja AF101 are more advanced than the previously released Ninja AF100.

Despite both air fryers having digital displays and controls in place, there are certain additional features in Ninja AF101 that were missing in Ninja AF100.

What are the Four Cooking functions of Ninja Air Fryers? (AF100 and AF101)

Both Air fryers have the same 04 cooking functions in place;

  • Air Fry
  • Reheat
  • Roast
  • Dehydrate

Differences between the two models are in terms of the Performance and Control scheme of the devices.

  • Ninja AF100 consumes more electricity whereas AF101 is more efficient and consumes comparatively less power.
  • The Control system and response of AF101 are more advanced and quick than the former model.
  • AF101 has an additional layer of the rack in comparison to AF100.
  • Preheating time of Ninja AF100 is 05 minutes compared to Ninja AF101, which gets ready for meal processing after only 03 minutes of preheating.
  • Air Flow capacity and distribution inside AF101 are optimized and comparatively more improved than in AF100 due to the difference in fan and provision of additional Trays.

4. Operating Temperature ranges

The operating ranges of both air fryers are similar and don’t vary in terms of numbers. However, the user experience of the Ninja AF100 states overheating of the air fryer body.

Similar observations on overheating of the air fryer body were observed by experts at howmachines as well.

This overheating issue has been addressed to a greater extent in the next generation of small air fryer AF101 of the Ninja make.

The operating temperature range of both air fryers is 105F to 400F

5. Power Consumption Ninja AF100 vs AF101

The power consumption values of Ninja AF101 are comparatively lesser than Ninja AF100 due to the research and upgradation works.

Ninja AF101 utilizes more advanced coil metallurgy, that heats up on low power figures compared to AF100

The Control system of AF101 also utilizes lesser energy and dissipates lower heat making Ninja AF101 superior in performance and control scheme

6. Material of Construction

Ninja AF100 and AF101 are majorly manufactured in a plastic body with the internals like Fan in GI/SS, Tray basket is a ceramic coated CS, and Grill in SS-304 metallurgy.

However, Ninja AF101 is more advanced based on the material of construction enabling it to overcome the heating issues compared to the AF100 model.

7. The durability of the devices

Both the devices Ninja AF100 and AF101 are pretty reliable and the service life of the equipment had been outstanding.

Ninja AF101 however has a more advanced digital control system and better sealing of the circuity that enhances the durability of the device in comparison to the AF100 Model.

8. Maintenance

Ninja AF100 and AF101 are easy to disassemble, clean, and settled back in service. Ninja AF101 with an additional rack helps protect the air fryer from getting additional food chunks in the grill thus more easy to clean.

9. Color Availability

Ninja AF101 is available in both grey and black colors and looks very elegant

AF100 is available in black color only with a similar glossy shine and attractive looks as that of the AF101 air fryer

Comparative Analysis

A statistical analysis of the device would help the end user to quickly decide which air fryer shall to go for when trying to decide one.

Experts from howmachines have made it easy for you below, to quickly select and move on with ordering.

S.NoBasis of comparisonNinja AF100Ninja AF101Remarks
1Cost. 9.5 9.0Cost diff.
2Size 10 10same
3Features 8.2 8.4slight diff.
4Operating temperatures 9.0 9.0Same
5Power Consumption 8.5 9.0slight diff.
6Material of Construction 8.0 8.7slight diff.
7 Durability of device 8.5 9.0slight diff.
8Maintenance 9.0 9.5slight diff.
9Colors 8.0 8.5diff.

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Which Air Fryer Suits you more?



Ninja AF100 and AF101 are both reliable and state of the art low capacity air fryers and are widely used by consumers in USA, UK, CANADA, and EUROPE.

There is a very slight difference between the two Models.

AF101 is an advanced version of the same air fryer AF100 with features that outclass the latter one in performance and durability.

It is absolutely okay to go with any of the two, as long as it fulfills your desired requirements and suits you.

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