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Can You Add Water to a Cosori Air Fryer? (IMPORTANT READ..!)

Cosori is one of the leading Air Fryer manufacturers with smart Air Fryers introduced in the market capable of connecting with mobile phones.

Adding water to a Cosori air fryer is subjective & explicitly depends on certain terms & conditions. There are circumstances where you are advised to add water & in other cases refrained from adding any of it.

The concept of air frying is laid on the foundation that the Air fryer processes the raw food in a controlled environment

Cosori Air Fryer as a Convection Oven

The convection phenomenon inside a Cosori air fryer takes place when hot air interacts with the raw food for a pre-set proportion of time at an advisable temperature range.

A Cosori air fryer uses atmospheric air, swept through the in-built heater, via the raw food basket to elevate the food’s temperature.

Environmental air distinctly affects the air frying process based on the humidity values or wet bulb temperatures of the air.

In short, humidity affects air frying to a sufficient extent, when it comes to the real ground.

Does humidity affect air frying?

Effects of humidity on air frying aren’t negligible and it does substantially affect the whole process.

There are both pros and cons to this phenomenon of air frying, & solely depends on certain conditions.

When shall you add Water to the Cosori air fryer?

Adding water doesn’t essentially mean pouring a bowl full of water into the Cosir air fryer, but limited to a few teaspoons only.

The addition of water to the Cosori air fryer must be done under the following circumstances or conditions:

When Humidity in the air is too low

In order to ensure the air fryer cooks your meal as per plan, you need to refer to the percentage (%) of humidity in the air, utilizing your weather app.

If the humidity level is below < 30% or as low as 0%, it is highly recommended to add single or two spoons of water to the air fryer.

This addition of water must be done carefully to avoid any contact with the electronic circuitry of the air fryer.

When You want to get rid of Smoke

Smoke out of the exhaust of the Cosori air fryer is common when you opt for crispy foods since moisture present in the raw food is removed at a higher pace & the food is left dry.

Although the product is not going to catch fire since the temperatures are under control. However, the smell may sometime stink and get horribly unbearable.

In that scenario, it is advised experts to add a teaspoon of water to the air fryer so that the smell can be suppressed.

When you want a soft and tender meal

At times, the consumer chooses to get served with a soft, juicy & tender meal. In that particular scenario, you need to add water to the air fryer.

It is however important to reassure that the raw food has a scarcity of moisture content. A gentle touch of fingers to the raw food will reveal the secret.

Veggies contain plenty of water, therefore, the addition of water is not recommended 90% of the time.

When you want to avoid sticking to the equipment

There are plenty of raw foods that release fat, cholesterol, or oil when processed in a Cosori air fryer.

This dropwise release gets deposited on the basket, heater coil, and internal surface of the air fryer.

The stinky texture deposition is highly adhesive and extremely clumsy to remove from the internals of the air fryer.

To avoid this sticky substance, it is recommended to add a few drops of water to the Cosori air fryer.

When the food takes extra time to cook

Complete removal of moisture from the raw food and the meal itself getting cooked is sometimes confused to be the same.

These are practically two dissimilar properties and do not co-exist in many cases when it comes to the practical ground!

Contents of the meal may have the moisture removed yet the food may not be properly cooked. In that particular scenario pressure cookers are used.

Experts from discovered that If you continue using an air fryer for meals taking longer duration, it is advised to add one or two teaspoons of water.

This will ensure the convection takes place, with moisture content residing till the very end when the meal is ready to be served.

When you want to refresh an already cooked meal

Air fryers can be used to refresh an already cooked meal. Here the food utilizes heat from the hot air inside an air fryer & elevates the overall temperature of the meal.

If the food (that you wish to re-heat) is dry, hard and a fresh taste is desired by the consumer. It is advised to add a teaspoon of water to the air fryer.

When humidity is too high

This particular case is ideally the exact opposite of the low humidity scenario. If the humidity percentage is higher > than 70% up to 100% it is advised not to add any water to the air fryer.

Humidity Chart

If however added, it will result in the meal taking undue extra time, with possession of lack of crunchy appearance, texture & taste.

When food is already soaked

There are foods that possess high moisture content or a moist appearance. You are advised not to add any water to such meals.

The addition of water will again create complications with the food processing timeline and taste.

When the air fryer manual, prohibits

There are certain models of Cosori air fryers, where the supplier or manufacturer strictly prohibits the usage of water in the machine.

In such a scenario, we recommend following the manufacturer manual & guidelines to prohibit the usage of water in the air fryer.

When the meal needs lesser time to prepare

There are certain meals that require a short span of time to get air fried.

If you add water to such meals, it will create undue moisture and waste of power and precious time.


Cosori air fryers come in various models and are built with different characteristics. Water can be added to Cosori air fryers ‘Yes’.

The addition of water ( from a few drops to a teaspoon) will ensure the removal of greasy texture and maintain the freshness & tenderness of the food.

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