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Philips Air Fryer not turning on [Try these fixes!]

Philips air fryers are modern kitchen products, although very reliable but may sometimes coupe up issues with operation & performance.

To resolve the problem, you need to perform a thorough assessment of the situation you are facing with the Philips air fryer.

Guidelines to solve the issue

Identify why the issue popped up and buildup a correct roadmap of the situation that has caused the problem.

Ask yourself simple questions, to assist in recognizing the root cause. This process will escort you on the right path toward the solution!

1. When did you last use the Philips air fryer?

To solve the Philips Air fryer’s turning on problem, you need to ponder upon the equipment’s last usage or healthy operation of the air fryer.

Case a. New Philips air fryer not turning on

If the equipment is new & not turning on in the first couple of attempts, you should immediately stop doing any experiments.

Solution: Your equipment is definitely under warranty. you need to instantly contact the nearest sales & service center or call the supplier’s UAN number.

Ninja shall either resolve your issue or provide a healthy replacement.

Case b. Philips air fryer stored & unused

In case the equipment had been in operation but was later taken out of service for a long duration (more than 06 months). However, the equipment is not turning on now.

It is very likely that the equipment’s storage conditions have affected the electronic circuitry of the air fryer.

Solution: You shall visit the nearest home appliances repair shop. The Technician will thoroughly air blow, inspect the circuitry, and connections & perform the necessary repair (if required).

Note: Since the Philips air fryer is equipped with electronic circuitry & power in place. You are advised not to plug in on account of multiple attempts. Also, no undue dismantling of the air fryer is advised

Case c. Air fryer stopped working – all of a sudden

If the equipment operated well in the past couple of days, with no indications of compromised operation. In that particular case, you need to further drill down and figure out what went wrong. Continue reading below!

2. Power issues

With no electric power in hand, the air fryer is practically unable to put up the show. There are a series of checks that must be performed to identify the bug.

After a detailed study of the matter, experts from came up with a very simple & precise troubleshooting guide. This must 90% of the time, resolve the end user’s concerns.

Troubleshooting guide – Power issues, Philips air fryers

3. Internal Factors affecting, turn on

At times, the electric power required to operate the device would be perfectly fine. However, the Philips air fryer’s internal issues trigger the problem.

There are certain probabilities, with indications that you need to consider to restore your air fryer.

i. Overheated device

Air fryers may get overheated if they are operated above the designed conditions & would definitely malfunction.

When you overcrowd the air fryer & tightly pack the basket with the raw food, air circulation inside the air fryer doesn’t take place. This results in overheating of the fan and heater section if operated for a prolonged period of time.

In the second case, if the air fryer isn’t properly cleaned after cooking food, grains of the meal may fall on the coil & start depositing. This may eventually result in overheating of the coil since it will not be able to transfer the heat.

An overheated device may either have the fan, coil, or electronic controls malfunctioning.

Air Fryer Coil – Symptoms of overheating and deposition

You need to visit your nearest services center to diagnose the issue and perform necessary replacements of the malfunctioning parts.

ii. Improper Assembly

There are certain protections that modern air fryers are equipped with for the safety of the equipment and the end users.

Air fryers are disassembled for cleaning and if inappropriately assembled, the inherent safety feature may not be allowing the air fryer to turn on.

In this particular case, you need to revisit the assembly and identify what could have been missed during the assembly of the unit.

Some air fryers may need to reset once the assembly is completed.

iii. Programming issue

Modern Philips air fryers are programmed to operate under certain set conditions. It is quite possible during cleaning that the electronic circuitry, which mainly consists of a controller is exposed to undesired conditions & gets malfunctions.

You either need to reset the air fryer through the factory reset knob or visit the nearest service provider to get the controller re-programmed or in the worst-case scenario replaced.

iv. Faulty display

With the digital display in place, it is certain that the user is provided with ease of operation, however, there are certain cons to this. The air fryer may be in a turned-on condition, however, the display may be malfunctioning.

In that case, you need to factory reset the device and make an attempt to start.

Faulty Display

If the display is not responding, you should visit your nearest customer service center to look into the display function. It may either have a loose connection or an IC may have malfunctioned.

Get the issue rectified and the air fryer would be restored to normal.

v. Permissive to start

‘Permissive to start’ refers to the fact that air fryers are equipped with certain checkpoints that include proper insertion of the basket, internals, and health condition of the internal fuse.

To ensure the air fryer functions properly, vendor-recommended procedures and guidelines shall be followed. This shall resolve the turning-on issue

vi. Short circuit

With so much electronics involved in modern air fryers, the certainty of electronic malfunction cannot be nullified. This may be due to an incorrect or non-standard power source that the air fryer is connected to.

Another reason for shortcircuiting is due to overheating of the device. To understand if the device is shortcircuiting, the display would present incorrect numbers or blink in a bizarre fashion.

To rectify this issue, you need to contact the services shop for a detailed inspection of your device and suggest a solution.

vii. Heater malfunctioned

One of the safety features of the devices is heater functionality detection. If the heater has malfunctioned due to any reason, the device may not indicate turn on the operation.

A heater malfunction can be identified by visual inspection of the device. The device will not be able to elevate the temp of internal air & for the visually impaired.

viii. Fan malfunctioned

The fan in a Philips air fryer acts as the equipment’s heart, that circulates air around the raw food source.

Modern air fryers won’t turn on if the fan malfunctions. Malfunctioning of the fan can be identified by resetting the air fryer & listening to the sound of the air fryer. A silent air fryer means the fan is not operating

The air fryer will eventually go into the safety shutdown mode

Fan beneath the Heating coil – Malfunctioned

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