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How Does a Ninja Air Fryer Work? [ESSENTIAL DETAILS]

Air Fryers are frequently used around the globe and are common kitchen devices to process raw/pre-cooked meals; turning them into tender, crispy & crunchy attractive stuff.

Ninja Air fryers work on the convection phenomenon of heat transfer, designed with an air source and a heater that enables air circulation around the food and raises its temperature.

In a Ninja AIr fryer, the rise in temperature removes the moisture from the raw food and turns it into a golden brown texture.

Ninja Air fryers do not require any extensive use of unhealthy cooking oils to process food rather it utilizes the air and a few drops of oil or butter, which is highly preferred by health cautious individuals and those who focus on low-calorie intake.

How does a Ninja air fryer work?

A Ninja air Fryer works on the principle of heat transfer with air as the medium or carrier source of heat energy.

Air Fryers are fitted with a heating device, primarily an electric heater, and a fan with a basket or tray to hold the food.

The heated air from the source is forced to circulate around the food, which raises the overall temperature more uniformly than other conventional methods of deep-frying.

Research shows that the food cooked in an air fryer is more nutritious and healthy, keeping in view certain facts that will add to your knowledge;

  • Calorie intake in air-fried food is 30-40% lower than the conventional deep-fried food
  • An air-fried food is uniformly heated and doesn’t eliminate essential nutrients from the food source during food preparation
  • Air-fried cooking is digitally more advanced & a modern technique. The user has substantially more control over the food processing temperatures & the period it is subjected to inside the air fryer
  • Air fryers do not require oil and therefore, additional fat intake is ideally cut down

Why air frying?

Air frying is highly preferred over the nasty deep frying methods with a very positive response from the users. Surveys show that 75% of health-cautious individuals choose to process their food with air fryers.

Air frying is unique because it only needs a single teaspoon of oil to cook food for a family of 04 individuals.


Following simple Steps need to be followed when you plan to use a Ninja Air Fryer at your home, restaurant, or during picnics.


It is extremely important to clean the Ninja air fryer after its usage. However, if the cleaning was delayed somehow, we recommend not to use the air fryer since the basket may still be holding food grains, fatty oils, or crumbs from the previous meal.

This will eventually cause extensive smoke and lead to a stinky smell with the freshness and taste compromised.

Therefore the air fryer internals shall be thoroughly cleaned and the basket washed with water after removal from the air fryer.


Drying of the Ninja air fryer internals is essential for the following reasons;

  • Water droplets hanging to the internals may come in contact with the electronic circuitry of the air fryer if not dried thoroughly.
  • When raw food containing carbohydrates (Pizza, spring rolls, fritters etc) are placed and comes in contact with the water droplets, they get stuck to the basket leaving no room for the air. This eventually deshapes the food with improper moisture removal due to temperature variation.

Note: Drying can be done with a dry cloth or blowing of the device through a suitable air blower so water droplets are removed.


Preheating of the Ninja air fryer is preferred but linked with the user manual that the supplier provides with the machine. If it is essential to preheat the device it would hardly need a few minutes to dry out the machine

Preheating is actually bringing up the device to a set temperature with the residual moisture removed and the device readied to take food for air frying.

This method removes the creation of any cold zones in the air fryers & the temperature rating is streamlined throughout the air fryer zones.


Once preheating of the device is completed, it is advised to turn off the device and place food inside the basket.

Some air fryers have an in-built safety feature where the device turns off automatically when the basket is removed.

When you place food in a Ninja air fryer for processing, it is significant to ensure the food is placed in such a pattern that it gets thoroughly heated up from all dimensions.

It is never advised to jam pack the Ninja air fryer basket with the food, rather it is recommended to create space between chunks of the pre-cooked meals so the hot circulating air ensures proper moisture removal.


Cooking conditions are ideally recommended by the manufacturer for a set of meals that you normally process through the Ninja air fryer.

Since Ninja air fryers come in various designs and characteristics, it is advised to follow the manufacturer-provided guideline for the cooking conditions.

Cooking conditions mainly include;

Temperature Setting:

The temperature in a Ninja air fryer is normally displayed in Degree Fahrenheit (F). Some air fryers have the option to convert it into Degree Centigrade (C) also.

As a general guideline Temperature for items that have carbohydrates are kept on the lower side in comparison to the ones that have meat, proteins, etc so the air frying is done at perfect temperatures.

Timer Setting:

Timer in a Ninja air fryer is digitally showcased in Minutes & seconds. Some air fryers have a manual timer knob as well.

Food processing time in a Ninja Air Fryer is of prime importance since the air fryer is unable to recognize if the food is cooked or still requires more time.

Manufacturers again provide guidelines on the timer setting keeping in view the nature of meals being processed in the air fryer.

It is absolutely normal to check the condition of the meal if you need to, anytime during the air frying process.


Air frying is sometimes referred to as a magic spell where the device adds to the overall taste, tenderness, texture, and crispiness.

Once you have set the Ninja Air Fryer cooking conditions, it is advised to proceed to turn on the device.

Ninja air fryers are very impressive and produce less noise compared to other top-of-the-line brands. The quality of food processing depends on the following parameters;

  • Air fryer performance
  • Pre-cooked condition of food
  • Placement of food in the basket
  • Marination of the food
  • Adequate temperature setting
  • Correct processing time
  • Cleaning of the internals of the air fryer

Air Frying Steps: Summarized

A Ninja air fryer is extremely easy to operate and requires the following Simple steps for food processing.






When to use a Ninja Air Fryer?

Health & Hygiene

Health and hygiene are the priority when it comes to the preference for food intake.

Air fryers are widely known to cook hygienic foods with no additives, environmental contamination, or undesired utensils that the food is generally processed in.

No Messing around

Air frying is simple and doesn’t require any undue mess in the kitchen. All you need to do is placement of the raw food in the air fryer basket and let the air fryer do the rest.

No extra utensils, spoons, or cutlery are required that becomes greasy along with that peculiar smell that stinks which you might have experienced during deep-fried or Tawa / fried pan cooking.

Quick and uncomplicated

Air frying is much easier and requires minimal effort compared to other cooking modes.

With a Ninja air fryer, you have a great variety & choice of food, including french fries, chicken wings, spring rolls, meatballs, chicken, finger fish, and a lot more.

From setting the food in the air fryer basket to turning on the device, you hardly need 05 minutes.

The cooking time in an air fryer, however, varies & depends on the item you intend to air fry. While you sit and enjoy your favorite TV program, the air fryer does the rest.

Economic (less expensive)

With growing inflation in the US and around the globe, cooking oil & gas prices are topping the list of day-to-day consumables.

Air frying is comparatively cheaper and more economical; that certainly avoids both oil & natural gas during meal preparation.

Favorable for Multiple Dishes

When it comes to air frying, there is often a misconception about the variety of food that one can cook inside this modern machine.

60% of people are not familiar with the actual capabilities of the air fryers, limiting the use to french fries & fritters only.

Food that you can cook through an air fryer ;

  • Sausages
  • Meatballs
  • chicken
  • Fish
  • chicken wings
  • french fries & fritters
  • vegetables (roasted)
  • cookies
  • Pizza etc.
Multiple food choices

Portable and easy to mobilize

Air fryers are easy to carry and can be used in camping, picnics & outdoor activities.

Most medium-range air fryers weigh between 15 to 20 kg. It is provided with a handle by the manufacturers and is friendly to move from one place to another.

Various designs & make

Ninja Air fryers are manufactured in various Designs.

They come in small, medium, and large sizes depending on the capacity and rating of the device

Low maintenance

Ninja Air fryers, unlike other smart devices, require less maintenance. Certain steps should be taken care of to enhance the service life of air fryers:

  • Thoroughly clean the air fryer before and after cooking food
  • Never leave the air fryer with food inside for a longer period
  • Do not store food/bakery items in the air fryer
  • Do not switch on the air fryer dry / without a food source for longer durations (Except for preheating)
  • Handle air fryers with care

Requires no gas for processing

Ninja Air fryers are mostly designed with electric operation and don’t require any gas for combustion.

Therefore the hazards associated with a combustible gas are eliminated to a greater extent.

Ideal for frozen items

Ninja air fryers are ideal for frozen food items & surprisingly efficient in preparing food within minutes.

The best part is that frozen items require defrosting before conventional deep-frying, frying pan cooking methods. Defrosting is ideally not required in air frying.

The logic behind skipping the defrosting step is in view of the fact that an air fryer works on the principle of convection, the moment food is placed inside the air fryer basket & the device is turned on, the process of defrosting starts accompanied by yielding the final cooked product, ready to serve!

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